A Nice Philosophy: Simple Formula and Simple Rules, Do the Smart and Good Thing

To learn and thrive in life and get through difficult situations, I am going to try a simple formula:

Step A:  Do the Smart and Good Thing (see Rules 1 & 2 below)

Step B:  If the first Smart and Good Thing does not work, try the next Smart and Good Thing (and keep going until life is better or the problem is solved)

The idea for the Smart and Good Thing comes from a conversation I had with my son after  a young person who lives near us did something terrible.  It was clear that this terrible thing arose from a series of bad decisions, and, if any young person is not careful, something like this can easily happen with anyone.

We came up with two rules (though crudely put below) to guide one’s decision making and to help one live a good life:

Rule 1:  Don’t be an Idiot (in other words, Do the Smart Thing)

Rule 2:  Don’t be and asshole (in other words, Do the Good Thing)

In gathering information and the thoughts of smart people  and trying to understand tough issues of our day, I pledge to do my best to do the Smart and Good Thing.


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